Sudie Sports Program


The goal of the Sudie Sports Committee is to create a sustainable sports program at Sudie that will benefit both current and future students.  


The committee was formed during the 2021-2022 school year and we ordered new sports jerseys that can be worn for multiple sports.  In the winter, we formed 8 basketball teams in grades 4-6 through the Semones YMCA.  In the spring, we formed 6 teams in grades 4-5 in soccer, flag football and volleyball through the Semones YMCA.  We also formed a track & field club that competed in DISD meets during the spring. 


If your Sudie lion is interested in participating on a Sudie team - or learning more about a new sport through a club - during the 2022-2023 school year, then please click here to complete the Sudie Sports Interest Form so we can contact you. 


We are looking for parent volunteers to help research options for non-YMCA organized sports, such as track & field, golf, lacrosse, rowing and tennis.  The committee can help with communications and funding requests and use of Sudie fields and courts.  If you are interested in these sports - or any others - please reach out and we will connect you with other families that have expressed interest.    


For more information or to join the committee, please contact Brandy Treadway at 214-263-9948 or or Tim Hartman at 214-529-9654 or  


For information about the track & field club, please contact Jako Garos at or Jillian Toomay at


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