Sudie Sports: Fall Schedule



Below is information about the teams and clubs for fall. The parent coach(es) for the clubs will reach out to you if you completed the survey or signed up at the activities fair. (If you didn't complete the survey, then please reach out to them to let them know you are interested.)  The teams for the fall sports have already been formed and are grade-specific. Clubs are multi-grade. 

Each of our sports opportunities is possible because of our parent volunteers. Thank you! If you are interested in starting a club - or helping out with an existing one - please let us know.


Basketball is the winter season! Please complete the survey if you haven't already done so. We'll be reaching out in October to start forming teams. 


Sudie Sports! Let's make it happen! (


Information about Dallas City Lacrosse and the Norbuck Run Club can be found below. If you have information about other groups that would be interesting for Sudie families, please let us know and we will add it to the website.  


If you are interested in participating on the Sudie Sports committee, please email Brandy Treadway at or Tim Hartman at


Volleyball Soccer Flag Football Running/Track & Field Girls' Lacrosse Climbing Golf Tennis Karate
Practices decided by coaches Practices decided by coaches Practices decided by coaches Wednesday after school at Sudie Thursday after school at Sudie Movement Gym on Sunday afternoons TBD (Sunday afternoons last year) TBD (Sunday afternoons last year) TBD - we are working on getting a club set up at Sudie
4th Grade Girls (Dayna Moser) 5th Grade Boys (Peng Tao) 6th Grade Coed (Dawud Crooms)


(Jillian Toomay)

Travis Greenman, Rob La Montagne Kathie Stricker Brooke Fedro Nik Vydashenko  Lauri McDonald, Kristine Osborne
5th Grade Girls (Daphne La Montagne) 5-6th Grade Girls (Clif Squibb)  


(Ken Peters)

6th Grade Girls (Arron Crawford) 6th Grade Girls (Patti Garcia)              
7-8th Grade Girls (Corey Admire)                



Dallas City Lacrosse recently hosted a free clinic for K-5th grade girls in DISD and Lake Highlands on Sunday, September 24 at Glencoe Park. For information and registration, go to or email  


Norbuck Run Group meets year round at Norbuck Park where we have the terrain and open space to run hills, track intervals, and long runs all within the park. We meet on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays at 7:00pm, and adjust the meeting time to 6:00 late in the fall as the days get shorter. Coach Duncan Cragg and Doug Payne run with the kids regularly, and we encourage parents and other adults to join in as well. Some kids join year round while others come intermittently or seasonally as their other activities and sports allow. We have kids and adults of all abilities and everyone is able to run and progress at their own pace. If anyone is interested, please contact Doug Payne at 214.681.5199, or at

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