Bottoms can be navy or khaki pants, skorts, or shorts. Girls can wear our signature plaid skirts or jumpers, as well. On top, the choices are polos in white, navy, or hunter green or white button-downs (with or without the school’s crest). Make it sharp by adding our plaid necktie from our vendor. Girls may also wear solid leggings or tights under their skirts. Go crazy with your socks any day. Hoodies or Sweatshirts must be plain or have Sudie or College/University logos only. But on Fridays, everyone celebrates with Sudie Swag (that’s shirts that say Sudie or are from clubs, activities, houses). Wear that swag with jeans (no sagging, rips, or holes) and bring the excitement! 



We now have a school account through Land’s End! Shop all your uniform needs (and get our amazing Sudie TAG Logo embroidered) all in one place, shipped directly to your door.
Bonus: as a preferred school, Sudie TAG earns cash back on net sales of school uniforms from our catalog and website, too!
Follow the directions in the image or click the box below to shop online. 








Order uniforms through French Toast

Note that French Toast does not offer the Sudie Emblem (which is NOT required). 

The official skirt, tie and jumper pattern is "Green Plaid".


Shop one of our pop-up used uniform sales


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