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Sudie PTA proudly helps to support the student activities that teachers and staff offer outside of classroom instruction time. The activities listed here do not include the in-school CLUBS that occur once a month on Fridays during school hours. Some electives, such as Choir and Orchestra also engage in competitions that are not open to student sign up, but will be supported, promoted, and cheered on as a student activity. Activities in BLUE boxes have some DISD sponsorship/financial support and PTA/PTO supplements. Activities in GREEN boxes are sponsored by Sudie staff and families and the PTA/PTO.


Below was the tentative schedule for 2023-2024. Days of the week that meet ups are scheduled are subject to change. In the beginning of the 2024-25 school year, similar information will be shared.




How do tiers work? Tier 1 activities involve major competitions, usually with teams, and require firm commitments from students who want to participate. Students who prioritize and commit to a Tier 1 activity may not participate in other Tier 1 or Tier 2 activities. Tier 2 activities have more flexibility, but similar time, conflict, and commitment considerations apply. Students will be asked to limit to two Tier 2 activities. Generally, multiple Tier 3 activities are allowed for all students, as schedule permits, but students should attend regularly. Tier 3 should not be considered drop-in activities. Please consult with the teacher contact(s) for questions. Staff will ask students to submit a Google form to indicate their preferred activities. Some activities require auditions or selection by teachers, and many have limits on the number of students who can participate. Staff will do their best to ensure that all students can participate in at least one preferred activity. Some activities are ready to start by September, others will not start until later. Most activities end by late April.


Sudie Sports are primarily parent-led teams played through the YMCA. Sports information can be found here.


All student activities and sports welcome parent support!

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